Watching the news come out of the US and seeing the world wobble a little on its axis.

Life during war time. Informational wartime.

SC11 has an official name now: Rogue State.

O tempora, oh mores, right?


Meanwhile in the stormcellar, construction continues.

Musicians of the Inner West

Woot. two more sessions for SC11 this week.

Slowly, slow, bit by bit.

We've had some wonderful support from our local musical colleagues. There's some heavy duty talent out there.


Looks like we're going to have a go at recording some Choir action next week. Unexpected and appreciated. Hoorah!

More details on that shortly.

Rebuild and Re process.

One of the tracks has failed to thrive. Yikes. First in a while. After trying many things for 'the Fix Is In' it hasn't met with approval. Now we're back to the rebuild, replace, redo stage. 

This may change timing now as we figure out the way forward.

Fiddling while Rome Burns

Gotta say, we make an effort to keep our focus on the useful positive stuff, everyone needs a time out.

That said, we truly live in interesting times and we're acutely aware of it.

We hope you, dear reader, fellow cellar dweller, are well, stay well.

Don't take no wooden nickels.

Keep your eyes on the horizon and make sure your personal stormcellar, that wonderful, unassailable place of calm in your mind, is well stocked with good sounds and the hinges oiled.

This is definitely NOT Kansas anymore, in toto.