Gracias A Senor Lynch.

Listening to Safe Harbour.

It's interesting to hear the phrases out there in the zeitgeist. Nice to know we're connected.

Safe harbour, Rogue state.

Fair and reasonable Self Doubt

Safe Harbour is another of our chosen risks. 

If we ever needed to underline that we work in a different time, the possibility that this album exists is that bright red line.

The multi media concept was that we would get 'The' take of the guitar element, along with the sound of the environment, both as video and audio.


The guitars are most often the voices that bring the songs out in the band, the most common tongue.

Listening to the birds, the waves, the sounds of the city, recorded in glistening modern high tech HD and High Audio capture, then detailed mixed and mastered.

Far out.

This is butter for your ears.

But it's gotta be your type of thing. 

Now what?


Be Careful What You Wish For.

Mr L wisely called it. 'Safe Harbour' is the companion to 'Rogue State'. (SC10 and 11 respectively)

They're built to flow from one album to the other.


Yet - they're both stand alone pieces with different themes and sonic approaches.


Do we:

A: release SC10 as a Stand Alone digital download (probably)

B: Press it as a stand alone CD (well...maybe....maybe a small hand crafted run and a short run)

C: wait for SC11 and release it in a double pressing (yes for sure but....time)

Rogue State has more work to do to rise to the level of Safe Harbour. Gonna take the time that it takes.

Safe Harbour Artwork's not even finalised.

Gig tonight, recording session for Rogue State tomorrow.

I'll post some of the last session with Stuart on Flute and Sax when I get a chance.