From now on, we want a bouncy castle on our rider.

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The Weather Permitting Project continues.

Mini Pancakes. Great weather.

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10/10 for organisation. 

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Long Session 

Jo was with us this weekend and today was her turn in audio land. We got a lot more done than I had planned.

Mainly because there was more to do than I had accounted for.

I'm not sure whether this is accurate, but it feels like we've spent longer/done more on this album. Maybe it's that SC10/11 ran together. It's been almost 18 months worth of work to get these both together.

Today, I thought we'd hit the milestone of 'no more tracking'.


Except for some Percussion.


And maybe some adjusted harmonies.


And 1 last set of guests.


But other than that, done, right?

Oh yeah.

Also that whole vocal for Minor Miracle that you haven't finished writing yet.



Ok so we're gonna need another session.

We're moving towards mixing, notwithstanding any of these minor issues. A minor miracle indeed.

Watching the Detectives

No band is an island, separated from the stream. 

The twenty first century truly is upon us, shrugging off the hold of the past.

It's reckless to think the future is the same as the past. It's hope to believe it to be different.

I was talking to J the other day, he said 'your band name is a bit apocalyptic isn't it?'

It's funny that should come to mind.

Maybe, when the weather darkens, thoughts turn to safe places.

I replied, that when we started, it was more a reference to the Wizard of Oz than Vault 77 but hey;a decade's a long time in the future.


As this isn't my first apocalypse, I can fashion a thought or two.

Start with taking some time for yourself, get some breathing space.

Jo comes and sings with a band. that's how she does it.

I play in one. That's one of the tools I use to get by. 

Making some meaning out of it. Whatever it is.

Down here in the Mystical land of Oz there's still Blue Sky and Pancakes.

Takes some effort to be part of it.

All the good stuff does.

We're glad you're part of what we do, hope you're doing your own thing.

Tide comes in, tide goes out. Gotta pay attention when the water laps at your feet.

Time to stand up.