After the last few sessions on SC11, we've taken some much needed down time.


Even though there are things to arrange, last elements of tracking to....



Monday wiped me out so much that I set a 48 hr window for 'no further thinking about it'.

That lasted about 20 minutes.

And then I tried again.

An hour later.

And a few hours later after that.

Downtime don't come easy.

Theoretically now is the time to return to that thinking.

I feel like we've pushed our schedule out by another week. 

Driving The Bus

As Self Propelled Artists we move at the speed we set.

While doing lyric research I came across a passage in the I Ching about not rushing the harvest.

Okey dokey.

There's definitely a balance to things. 

Too much latitude? Project goes into the Never Never.


Something else that is equally true: There is a finite capacity for making phone calls, setting schedules, readjusting schedules.

Re-readjusting schedules.

Abandoning the schedule.

Who needs a schedule anyway.

It's not like the studio's already booked?

That's all right, we can shift this to....oh. He's got something else on.



Gilding the Lily. Another concern. Do we really need this new great idea?

Maybe we do. That's a thing too.

If you drive the bus, there's some simple logic.

Stay on the road, don't ding anything, take rest breaks, work out a route, make sure you have petrol.

Also, snacks.


We have a loose amalgamation of ideas we call a plan.

That'll do.

Meanwhile, in Social Media News

Tending The Rock Garden.

 I'm seeing less and less engagement with Facebook from Humans and I'm seeing more and more restriction on Folks Like Us while FB makes their money selling your secrets to Bad Players.

Pouring your heart and soul into making someone else's garden grow seems contraindicated, especially if you're then charged to pick some of the flowers you planted.

Getting judged for how quickly we update, how quickly we respond?

How the hell did we wind up with a Bulletin Board that judges you?

Down here in Oz, we deal with Poker Machines.

In New South Wales, we have a Metric Crapton of them.


Pinging, binging, YES!! 

Between the shiny stuff, the Pavlovian Conditioning and the ruthless exploitation of Human Psychological Traits, Australia spends the most per person on Gambling of any 'developed' nation.

The Whitlams wrote 'blow up the pokies'. 

Midnight Oil talked about 'Dad's so bad he lives in the pub all underarms and football clubs'

It's a Thing. 

When I see the Social Media systems adopting the same Addiction Inspiring strategies of Poker Machines, it encourages me to stop engaging.

Statistically, the house always wins. Bad game.

Tending the garden of rocks.

No matter how much care you put in, how much watering, this garden is unlikely to bear fruit or give flowers.

The eventual outcome is likely to be a client based, distributed Social media environment.

Makes no sense to aggregate on one provider. You are the content generator. It's your life. Your contacts, your pictures, your stories.

In time that's where we see it heading.

In the interim, be aware when the machine goes BING you may not be winning, you may be 'told' you're winning, or if you only put another dollar in the machine; surely the jackpot has to be close.

Move the rocks to the right, move them to the left whilst they resell the water you add.