Big ups to Theo for arranging the percussion session.

No we are not putting an explosion at the end of Walk Into Your Heart.

This is why you don't leave the drummer by themselves in the studio

animal drummer.gif

I'm experiencing the twin sensations of omg-we're-almost-done and OMFG-we're-not-done-yet.

Vocals for 'Minor Miracle' and Choir for 'Walk into your heart' are still outstanding.

Sometimes this feels like watching a glacier move....

8348474_orig (Custom).jpg

Nothing for a while, then Icebergs.

Art is still underway for SC10. It's taking me a long time to find the right pic. (Sigh)


 I tried a few pics with Google's Deep Dream. 

When in doubt, ask the artificial intelligence.





Anyway. Not done yet.

As we get closer to finishing the audio components of the current stuff, the logistics, the artwork, the fiddly bits, we're almost ready to start the Video component.

Just as Safe Harbour (SC10) is the soundtrack to The 5D Project, and Beyond 5D (still in production), SC11 (Rogue State) will be the soundtrack for the Sydney Identity Project.

The Sydney Identity Project.

What is the Sydney Identity? 

Are we still stuck on Tourism Australia, the Harbour Bridge, Ken Done and 1980?

That's what we'll be exploring.

SC11 is all about Sydney. Then and now. What does it mean to be from here?

What is The Sydney Identity?

We've been in pre-production for a while and it looks like we're starting filming next week.