To quote an earlier post: 

The rhythm section are in the studio for 2nd mix with only the harmonica player for guidance. For the first Time in 11 years I heard the phrase ‘how about we turn the guitars down’

39775358_1795260353924366_8557856408979111936_n (Custom).jpg

I didn't think we were up to mixing stage today. 

Mr Wizard showed up.With 4/5 of the crew in the building and a list of notes (also please enter them directly into the shared online document next time thankyou) we...went ahead and mixed. I also had notes from Sensei JC.

I made a list of Vocal things to try. I thought I was sure fire bang on for a vocal for Minor Miracle. I failed quickly. Very very quickly. At the end of the day. Bail out, bail out.

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What seemed brilliant in the AM, went sadly wrong in the PM, making me think I was quite misguided at around 10am.

Also, the harmonies I tried in Down & Dirty. Yes!


Many many things went wrong, in rapid and impressive bursts of awareness of awfulness.

By the time we were reviewing tonight, the comment 'It it doesn't improve it, remove it' was discussed.

Mixing is Brutal.

We went longer and got further than I had any idea we would today.

That, a sandwich, a cup of tea and our thanks to Ben. A good day.

Playing at the townie tonight.

Sending our Stay safe vibes to X in Hurricane territory.

Listening to 2nd mixes. 

While all the world's gone mad, it's pretty straight forward down here in the stormcellar.

Stop by the show, come on in, take a load off, spend some time with your friends. Or hang out where you feel and join us here when you need something to take a load off your mind.