As is the way, it seems like you are not making forward motion and then all of a sudden, it looks like you made far more than you were aware of.

1_T5rMwM8edXuILUrew2YHxw (Custom).jpg

I could have sworn I was paying attention.

Artwork for Safe Harbour occupied a fair amount of attention, as did all the fiddly faddly housekeeping associated with putting the album up online. First World Problems.

the-pinnacle-of-first-world-problems (Custom).jpg

Demonstrating my mastery of Watching Things Unfold, a recording session for overdubs and fixes materialised for this weekend. 

We've been listening to mixes and had an unexpected Mix and Fix day last week. 

I think we're....done?

I mean...other than the fact that I'm still working on 2 songs.

Other than that.

No problems.

Session this weekend is closed door (sorry Local Influencers) due to it being Guitar focused. Guitarists are principally nocturnal so we need to keep the light and stimulus down.

So.....without collapsing the quantum state, it seems like SC11 is almost there.





At least the audio. The video will take a bit longer.

More filming next week also.