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Guitar day proceeded expeditiously. Oh no. I am the last element we're waiting on.



We've been in more or less constant production for 11 years. Safe Harbour & Rogue state have been a project since 2016. it's worthwhile noting the milestones as they pass by.

With luck, Rogue State is on course for finishing, mastering, and then a pressing with Safe Harbour fairly shortly.

We're in the phase of Chopping Wood and Carrying water, as friend of the band, Dr Rock, says.

The videos require more luck than planning (and they require plenty of planning), we'll be waiting for good conditions to have a crack at them and as these projects finish, the opportunity arises to do some new things.

The forecast is a few fun items over the next few months, drop by and see what we're up to.

In keeping with that moment of good vibes to be found down in the stormcellar, congratulations to D & M on their upcoming nuptials and to cellar dwellers N. who spent their anniversary with us.

Grateful every time we get to go do it. Come out and join us when you feel it and it suits.