Not telling you how to be

Just telling you what we see

This guy is out of his mind

Can’t do anything

Until my book deal is signed


The Attention wars gave way to the Information Wars.

Humanity got a kick start into a new system when the tech rolled to the next level of Round Rock. The Wheel Mark X.

Stand aside Gutenberg Bible, printing press. The Primates on Earth have unleashed a new connected virtual assisted mind. They don’t know what it does.

The collapse of ages into micro decades. A year is three. Welcome to the future. Things have sped up.

A middle aged humanity starts to see the universe flying by at faster speeds.

Each pulse of change comes faster until the transition phase leads to somewhere beyond the event horizon. Hooray for Oz.

From 1990-2000, from 2000-2008 and then from 2008-2016. The ages of maturity like rings in the internet tree.

When we as a band came into being, it was the beginning of the attention wars


If people behaved like that in your living room, you’d ask them to stop.

Infancy. Make noise. Need attention.

By 2016 the next outcome of the change was the Information War.

We’re deep in it now.

What is real? What is true?


Facts come back.

Opinions burn.

Write’em down

Only facts return


We are what we think. We own it, good and bad.

To borrow from the bumper stickers, we’re stalked by the wolf of our nature that we feed.

Surrounding yourself with thought is to be influenced by it, to be as the planets are, gravity bound and compelled.

The first step is awareness.

Personal power is the right to choose which of these orbits you follow.

The very words you read get loaded into your mind, they prime you, like a magician’s trick.

You are safer, more powerful and more able to do something about your circumstances than you may be aware.

 Anyone who wants to tell you otherwise starts from a basis of diminishing your own power.