Look at the groupings and WAV heights. Can't promise it's In Tune or that I remembered the words, but, ta daaaa....

41094429_1812230625560672_271675476248887296_n (Custom).jpg

In a excellent moment of nominative determinism, this was the vocal for 'Minor Miracle'. I was still scratching out words until just before recording time, and it has been almost 3 months since it was up to Final Mix Where Are The Vocals? 

A minor miracle indeed.

With this, principal vocal recording is completed. There's still one more song I'd like to try and have a crack at. As it's 'optional' it may/may not make it onto this album.

We'll see.

If I can get it done before Ben finishes mixing and the guys make any final tweaks, well and good, otherwise, we move onwards and SC11 is.....

Patience is required.