Had to slow down a bit for the guys to discuss song order. We'll see how that goes.

Art moved along. Almost done.

Further listening reviews are moot at this point unless we want to wait a while.

Once final questions have been settled, we'll move to a digital release. CD's will take a few more weeks.

Which, if I don't finish the art, will be another week further.

I think I have a cover now.

sc1802-rogue_state (Custom).jpg

Today, I spent some time with contributor and associate producer JC, listening to the whole project, Safe Harbour and Rogue State back to back.

There's always things you think you could have got better, done more of, differently...

The wisdom of Friend Of the Band 'Donald Deep Jeffs' comes to mind: Don't try to fix this one, make a better one.

For those who have been bugging me for advance copies, be chill my friends. Gotta get the blessing of the crew before it leaks into the wild.

Back to work.