I like reading the web. What a great time, so much tasty information.

Here in the deepest recesses of the Stormcellar Laboratory Test Range and Sandwich Development Labs, we toss around useful phrases for managing our synoptic charts.


We talk about Cultural Relevance, Legacy Media systems, The Eye of Sauron as a metaphor to describe how the world-web-mind (WWM) move its focus across information and burns a hole in the fabric of spacetime. Stuff like that. 

Recently, a Methuselah (to borrow from Sci Fi) popped over to our shores and decided to help roll our government. That happens. Thanks Uncle Rupert, just what I wanted for Christmas!

The idea that one person gets to overthrow democracy due to their control over information is a temporary aberration in a small loop of reality that is now releasing back into rationality.

The WWM no longer goes to one well, one stream, one source. It's made up of bundles of bright connections, drinking the sun in through their own tubes.

The emergence of distributed social media network such as Twitch and Discord show the way into the future. Funny to think that it's gamers now innovating the way we interact. Yay!


Your world online will be much the same as it is IRL, small groups of people you know, people you have a reason to interact with.

This means you may miss the FEAR EVERYTHING headlines propagated by those who benefit from fear.

Today as I read the headlines from the legacy systems, I see the narrative.

It's not a story.

It's priming, just like a magician primes you to pick the right card.

Fear, be worried, you're powerless. Constant attack.

03.08-theylive (Custom).jpg


Yeah you heard me.

Laughter is a darn good start.

Who sets your course? Who puts their hand on the tiller.


One way or another, it's you.

You are more powerful than you think, otherwise it wouldn't be such a priority to scare, to say that your vote doesn't matter, you don't count

Be quiet. (it hisses and hides behind rock)


Here in the Stormcellar, say what you feel. Practise exercising your rights. 

Even the storms on Jupiter are diminishing.


Think about it.

A storm that has raged for almost 2 centuries, slowly fades away into....


This Heavy Weather passes.

To borrow from our friend Dinesh and from others,

this too will pass.

Constant in-your-face verbal and media assault is a social control tactic.

At it's heart, a tantrum thrown by someone who needs to get their own way all the time.

It's exhausting to participate in; so don't.

Let them rant and rave all they like, eventually they'll get tired.

Spend time with your friends and family, take the dog for a walk, go look at a cloud.

also: Vote.

That's the one thing they don't want.

That's what all the noise is about.