Been a week.

Trying to finish the digital release for Safe Harbour / Rogue State is ongoing. 

It's taken a while and I am well and truly ready to be done with it. May have spat the dummy at least once whilst dealing with technical complexity and websites.

It's a thing.

Big ups to Ross, , Raelynn and Hugo for talking to the lads last week about the new albums.

Sunday out at Windsor was rain soaked. I'm starting to wonder if it's us :-)

On the one hand, the rain is a blessed relief, and will make filming a clip for Lady Grey all the better.

On the other hand, it's wet, some dude slipped and broke something at the show before ours on Sunday (ouch) and well, water gets in everywhere.

By the time we started up yesterday it was 2 hours later than scheduled. That happens.

Congrats to the participants in the band comp. 

We were fortunate that so many people stayed so late into the evening on a Sunday to hear us, especially after almost 6 hours of straight music - at a volume level that was loudly audible from the car park.

Cheers to the Fitzgerald Family for coming out. We had Jo with us, always sure to make us sound better.

We had a good set, in no small part due to the thoughtfulness of Rosie with the setlist and the additional work Bill & Mr Wizard have put in. Mr Wizard's slide has never sounded better.

Also a big shout out to the Mad Lads on sound who wound up driving back to Melbourne the same night. Hope they opted to stop for some sleep along the way.

This week I still have the never-ending-finish-line to cross, with completion of release items and a show on Saturday at the Townie.

If it's quiet on the blog you may still be able to hear my occasional curse word when I find another typo in my artwork :-)