Boy that was a powerful night. Big ups to Rosie for pushing through the exhaustion barrier.

There's a big difference between a 7.5/10 and an 8.1/10 :-)

Good is good.

Inspiring is better.

Just like any surfer, you are a part of a system, not the system.

It's you and the wave, the sea, the weather.


Mr Wizard, Brother Bill and Rosie have put extra work into craftsmanship over the last 6 months.

It increases the statistical likelihood of good performance.

Then, all you need is a little luck.

Bravo to the chaps.

Good to see our Cellar Dwellers in numbers last night.

The combined work on set list, guitar change overs and the experiments in adding new songs, resulted in a powerful set last night. It was relentless.


DD_Tomb_of_Annihilation_stone_juggernaut (Custom).png

Still grateful every time we get to do it.

And we get to do it a bit more this week.

Come out and see'em, they're on fire :-)