After what seems like an eternity of grey, Sun shone on Sydney today.


Down at the Kirribilli Market, everyone was in love.

People were getting their photo's taken down by the harbour, parking was as precious as gold, some Driving was observed.

Pleasant Aspects of the Day were encountered.

I had a grand afternoon.

I think coffee is the secret.

Maybe, coffee is the answer. Wherever the coffee is good, or sometimes the tea, good things follow.

Maybe it's me.

No, it's coffee.

The age of going to see bands and being completely boozled is passing. It's harder.

But coffee? and snacks?

44908301_1875240625926338_2114605175132913664_n (site) (1).jpg


Ah. Parking meter.

Respects to Brother Bill for excellent organisation.

Thanks to all the folks who bought CD's, that'll come in handy as we press the next batch.

BTW Dear Reader, if you're not out and about, you might be missing out on some very excellent moments.

While the rest of the planet seems to have gone just a little...well...crazy, there's some sunshine and spirit out there in your backyard.