Brother Bill, Mr Wizard and The Quartermaster were seen down by the bay, Excel spreadsheets in hand.

Bits of tart with pear, an unusually hot spring day and the blue washed light of the bay.

It's been a big year, here aboard the stormcellar (yeah I'm mixing my metaphors again...also I borrowed this pic from Southern Swan cruises...what a shot huh?)

sydney-harbour-cruise (site).jpg

Ahem. To continue with said metaphor...

Safe Harbour, Rogue State :-)

Managing these long voyages take a lot of thought.

Finding a balance takes effort. Setting boundaries, making choices about who we engage with.

It's a big sea, filled with all sorts of creatures.

v6UXnhV (site).jpg

Thanks to the very regular and hard work of the crew, the ship is in good order, albums are finished, next projects are in development and a reasonable schedule for the completion of work considered.

Bravo to Brother Bill, Mr Wizard, Rosie and Theo for sustained effort. As the world Down Under winds down to close of year, we're travelling at a good, comfortable pace. 

Shout outs to NP 

I had the pleasure of some solid philosophy discussions this week with cellar dwellers. I'm doing a little Youtube watching right now.

We continue to make an effort on the blog, at the shows, to give you a breather, some calm company.

I liked this video, thanks to Noel P. for pointing me in the direction. I'm sharing it here as part of that continued effort.