I did it. I took down time. yay!

Also it's fair to say that communication is evolving again.

Back in the day, this site was the best way for our friends who were Overseas Doing Things to see what we're up to.

Recently, with more private, persistent social media alternatives, we've been able to include Serving friends in what we're doing without going to all the trouble of writing a blog post.

Thus I have been able to share from my phone, so we're still keeping up our objective of putting a bit of Home in other time zones :-)

Meanwhile, I've actually taken the time to slow down from what really has been a busy year.

If you have watched the most recent video, it's still amazing to note that's what we see around us. Travel, rehearsal, song development, recording, playing.

I still have hopes of seeing another video out this year.

Meanwhile (part 2) the next crop of songs is under development. Not that I am rushing to get back into the studio and record. Ye Gods. There is a certain inevitability about it.

Meanwhile (part 3) there has already been reviewing of the map for the next season's work. I am not hurrying 2018 by any faster than it needs to go, but ya gotta plant the seeds in the right season, and that's now.

I hear that the C.R.A.B is rumoured to be coming back.

I hear other whispers of experiments to come, as somewhere down in the alchemical labs beneath the stormcellar, Mr Wizard and the Cellar Fellers are still trying to spin straw into gold.

Nope I am not gonna do my year end round up yet. There are still things to do.