Cheers to Jim Finn for dropping in on Sunday.

Life as a working band continues.

Effort is required, big ups to Brother Bill for extra effort on sound stuff.

A very pleasant day in the sunshine, our grateful thanks to the organisers for taking such good care of us.

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Also - while getting coffee, I spotted 'Nonna Maria's' Gnocchi. A contender for Best Gnocchi in the universe. Like soft pillows of cheesy softness. Every other time I have had Gnocchi they've been like Dumplings. this was like a fluffy cloud of tastiness. Gotta love ya Nonna.

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Sunday saw us back to our pub-floor roots.

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Port and Starboard :-)

Thanks to all the folks who joined us for the evening.

That's just about it for the year, our last show for 2018 is at Shady Pines on the 23rd.

We've decided to do it Low Fi and Acoustic (ish). Thanks to Ben L for the loan of a national.

We have to do new arrangements and rehearsals to make it work.

Thus, work continues. 

Updated Lyrics

Thanks for the reminder, all of Rogue State is now up online in the lyrics section.

Next Things

We're doing some new stuff. In addition to bringing in some of the electric songs from Rogue State via an Acoustic treatment, we're also looking forward to featuring some guests, with a first go at it on Jan 6th at the Wickham Park Hotel, up in Hamilton.

As we start to get it together, I'll be video'ing and blogging so you'll know what we're up to.

Sometimes it's more reasonable to keep mum about what we're up to, and just show you. There's a lot of stuff we try that doesn't make it past the 'what if' stage, or falls over just after.

All the good stuff we get is to be found with us, here. The sunshine, the community, the experience, the awareness of looking around and seeing what is still real and beautiful, and made the stronger for it paying attention to it, rather than all the noise and fury to be found on every screen.

if it suits you, if you're near, join in some time. Come out to the country on a run. Find amazing honey. See the trees. Come out to a venue, hang out with friendly people, dance a little.

And if you're somewhere else, wherever you need to be, take a stroll through the blogs or the video and come with us as we do the simple day to day things of being in a working band. 

To quote our dear friend Dr Rock, before enlightenment, you chop wood and carry water. After enlightenment? you chop wood and carry water :-)

We skipped enlightenment and i think we're making tea, as we appear to have both wood and water and we are all about solutions, down here in the stormcellar.

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