Yay. Today was the Band Moot.

In the 4th Quarter we usually do a review and planning session.

Today was the day to present the information to the assembled crew and to seek their authorisation for the coming voyages.

The Band Moot.

apZVpo0 (site).png

Thanks to pre-organisation work from Mr Wizard and T-Bou (Bill's new nickname, 'the best of us' "-) we got through the review and approval session the fastest we have done so far.

No I am not going to tell you what they agreed to. Stick around and find out. We we try a lot; not everything works :-), and if no one knows, then it didn't happen. Even if it did/didn't happen. Who knows. It's QUANTUM!!!

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The State of the Union was simple; In 2018 we released two albums, played a bunch of shows and started a festival. We made videos. Drove. Went to places. We hung out.

According to detailed research and internal band polling, it turns out we like to work, write, record, travel and hang out, especially with awesome musician friends and cellar dwellers.

Therefore it was proposed that this year, um,  err, we....pretty much....write and record some songs, hang out with some good company, see where we can wind up.

The we worked the next set-lists for coming shows.

Meeting adjourned.

Hoist Sail, we have two targets this week.