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We were at Frankies on Thursday. Jeez. The in between music was loud.

It was a good night for music. 

The set list construction was slightly erratic, I'd been distracted during the week. 'Right' doesn't have to be 'perfect'.

In set 2, as we started, I must have changed my mind 3 times. Poor old Theo was accepting of each change and then reversal with the diplomacy of a Belgian :-)

That's how it is, on the night.

I stepped off stage, as I do, during 'Bloomington.'

I like to listen to it.

One of the security guys came over as I was listening, the sound was loud being right in front of the speakers, so I didn't catch his name, and I didn't catch every word.

But what I did hear was enough to be mentioned in despatches.

He said, 'I was working at "Venue X" one night when you were playing there, you were having a panic attack outside and I talked you down.'

That's how it is, on the night.

Standing in an alleyway outside a show, being comforted by security.

It's acts of kindness, like these, that keep you going. The not so small stuff.

Thank you.