Mr Wizard and yours truly sat down to check our charts yesterday, outside the stormcellar the weather stations are reporting strange weather.

main-2 (site).jpg

Northern reports of turbulence, Southern reports of heat. Ought to be interesting at the boundaries.

We review where we are at and what we are up to on a regular basis.

When the times become more variable, we check more often.

Skirting some of the more difficult weather patterns leads to a smoother voyage. All indicators are for mid year variability, thus we're planning out our course in small increments.

Next Ports

I'm keen to make a few new videos, I still have footage waiting for additional footage...or a better solution, and plenty of other scripts I'd do if we could.

When the opportunity arises we get done what we can. That's fitting.

Live show development is progressing too, expect to see a few more additions and re-arrangements over the next shows. It's working well and sounds pretty darn good.

We're in pre-production on a few additional projects, which usually consists of a lot of research. What a great time for Information Aficionados.

Looks like the next few weeks will be research and development and then we'll see. I expect a few new items to emerge.

Once they're declassified from this Privacy Oriented Band, I will post'em up here :-)