So apparently I was anticipating some fails. Two video things I just tried failed to thrive.

While we have some downtime I'm trying to get a few more clips made, one of them involving animation, and that's time consuming, so I started trying to get some outside help. If you've seen some of our previous animated stuff, I can vouch for the fact that it takes many hours of work.

 This one was a mate in Kiwiland doing the drawings and us both doing some animating. It took weeks.

Ditto with Looking Glass, which, thanks to some knock out software online, I was able to do solo.

Takes a while, good result tho' 

Today my latest attempt at a vid for On The Low Low went squirrelly. Not sure if I can fix.

As it's still pre-production, it's not a big thing, but still ARGH. I thought that one had finally cracked and it was on the way.

If the idea doesn't work, pick another one. 

Ah. Also have to come up with another idea.

Animation might be hard but it's still easier than getting these guys into a Band Videoclip :-)