Call the De'il

as witness, dare.

Let all the pipes announce;

a soldier shakes

at heavens gate

and demands of them,



As he would have liked, the first place I have posted notice of his passing is here.

Dad was a tremendous supporter, he took a heartwarming measure of pride in our achievements.

He'd always fancied himself a ringer for Johnny O'Keefe and this was his way of living vicariously.


When I first started blogging, 11 years ago, it was in part so he could read about what we were up to, whilst he was working overseas.

He had told me about letters he had received during his service in Vietnam, that all he had ever wanted to was to hear about the mundane normal things of back home.

So I wrote for him about the mundane things we did. Gigs. Travel. Problems with the PA. 

It's the way of men to be unable to say simple things other than through actions. I guess I was lucky in that I also had those more direct conversations. We'd been through too much for less honesty.

Vale, Glenn Edward Barry, Man of the valley, Fortune's Soldier.

I say with equal sadness and pride, that he went down easy; he went down free.

'Night Dad.

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