Yesterday, I had a chat with one of our Mentors in the scene, a long term Road Warrior and he was pretty bummed out.

Over the last 10 years or so, Australia has seen the consolidation of Clubs, the closure of music venues, the transformation of Pubs into Flats or into Gastro Pubs.

That's having a direct effect on Bands who played these venues; in frequency, total number and value of gigs.

We've explored this theme in the ill-fated pilot of 'the Last Gig In Sydney' and like many elements of truth, it's something not easy to face.

The Pub Rock scene was the genesis of the Oz Rock takeover of the world some 40 years ago OMG ITS 40 YEARS AGO.


Having a 'scene' meant opportunity to ply your trade, learn your craft, be exposed to and inspired by others.

 20190222Venue 1.jpg

it was funded by the non stop Australian desire to Get It On, right Hoges?

8-surprising-facts-about-australian-drinking-habi-2-9549-1430892712-7_dblbig (site).jpg

As a society we don't drink like we used to.

No really, we don't:

"Australians are drinking less alcohol than at any time since the early 1960s, as new figures show the country's gradual downturn in booze consumption has resumed. ... The ABS says Australia hit "peak beer" in 1974-75, when the average annual consumption of alcohol was equivalent to 500 stubbies per person.Sep 3, 2018"

 500 Stubbies per person. Wow.

Now, at $20 a drink at VENUE CENSORED and a Random Breath Test plus $$ to go out, the cost of living in Sydney and.....THE POKIES!!! YAY!

"Queenslanders lose record $2.4 billion to poker machines" - Brisbane Times Feb 19 2019. 

That articles from two frickin days ago. $2.4 Billion????? Are you kidding me???

There's no benefit in complaining about Lock Out Laws, Noise Restrictions, X-Box Alternatives, unaffordable housing or any of the other factors that have led us to where we are now. 

Live Music at the Pub is no longer king in Oz.

Booze is not as big a part in our lives so there's less to spend on bands, and Pubs that rely on Food or Pokies for revenue do not want loud bands making noise over their $25 Hamburger and Triple Bet Feature Win Pokie moment.

The Booze-and-music era is a fraction of what it once was. It will never disappear altogether, but it has taken a hit and is no longer a sustainable business model for musicians.

 Here in the Stormcellar Experimental Won-ton & Szechuan Pepper Philosophy and Marketing division, we can only suggest one response

 Mutate now!