As part of our ongoing Digital Streaming strategy, we've been releasing Digital Collections, starting last year with The Mid West Triptych and the 10 Years Underground collections.



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Even in the time that we have been active, things have changed a lot. I could write here, but I'll ask Drake what he thinks. What do you say, Drake, Mate?


On every album we've made so far, there have been a variety of different styles.

Every time I upload one to a distributor they ask me to put them into a genre.

We've worked with everything from Cello to Mongolian throat singing, original Authentic Old Dude KC Blues, Colonial Folk, Japanese pop mashups, it makes it a bit hard to set us in one category.

Just as formats have always influenced recorded music, in duration and style, we embraced the Streaming world pretty strongly with Rogue State, starting some of the songs right at the beginning with no intro, as people now click on a song and either dig it or move on.

With 150 tracks in our catalogue, including singles and remixes, doing a streaming playlist as opposed to an 'album' gives us a chance to re-sort our work in different ways to suit the changes in the way people hear/access music.

Following along with the idea that Streaming Platforms are making simple genre based choices, I figured it was worth re-compiling the tracks into playlists based on styles.

We have enough for a Blues list, a Country List, 2 X Rock lists (hey cross overs right?) and a Folk List. That's close enough. Further detail perhaps overly complicates things LOL

Thus over the next little while, I'll be putting out those play lists.

The next one up, just uploaded is the Stormcellar Blues Collection Vol 1.