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Thanks to Paulo and Sage, it was video night.

Paulo was flying out on a international flight the following morning, so that was a massive effort.

Thanks to you both.

I had a pretty mixed night. Band Dog Oskar is a little unwell and that's on my mind, and I couldn't seem to get comfortable all night. Forgot a few words, not quite sure if I correctly pronounced the ones I did get right. If the video makes it out, you'll be able to see the grin that I get when i realise I have just completely botched it...

All in all, I describe it in terms my dog will understand.

cone of shame 020319.gif

That was a lesson in maintaining professional focus. (sigh). It's time for a set list rebuild and yet more development work.

Thanks to Sue and all the cellar dwellers who came out for a late show.

On a positive note, I'd like to thank the Police for a discretionary kindness.

I was feeling a little low, left the venue and crossed the road intending to get a cab. One was coming the other way and flashed their lights, I indicated that I was going the other way and there were lots of cabs, no big deal.

However, this driver opted to pull a U-turn across the road. Definitely NOT something I was seeking or would have asked, as there were vacant cabs literally coming down the street towards me, however, I figured he was keen so I waited for him.

Just at that moment a Police car waiting in a side street pulled out and flashed their lights.


I waited, thinking that this was an obvious and expensive ticket. The Cab Driver was understandably alarmed.

The constable in the car looked at me, carrying my gear, looking a little tired, turned to his colleague, flashed their lights and pulled up next to the cab and wound the window down. 

'You crossed double lines and made a u turn, you can't do that' the constable said. 'It's a $425 fine'


The Cab Driver was not looking at all happy at the prospect. Having made their point and with a look over at me, they flashed the lights one more time and used their discretion to let this one pass by.

I think they literally took pity on both of us.

Once in the Cab, I suggested that the Cab Driver include those Police in his prayers. They really had the option of costing that poor bugger his whole night's earnings, I think we both received a little grace from the Newtown Police, so thanks guys, that would have been a fair cop Guv'. 

You have to be grateful for the small mercies :-)

Also - Rosie had a strong night last night. A very strong night. He keeps going from strength to strength.

Also Mr Wizard had a new hat. So some things worked. (sigh).

Thanks to everyone who joined us, I look forward to my cheerfulness re-joining us too at a following show :-)