Setlists take some time, even to get ready to assemble.

As Rosie pointed out, we are a Data driven band!

IMG_7396 (Custom).jpegIMG_7395 (Custom).jpegIMG_7398 (Custom).jpegIMG_7397 (Custom).jpegIMG_7394 (Custom).jpegIMG_7393 (Custom).jpeg

aaaaand finally.

IMG_7398 (site).jpeg

Good to go. Well done Mr R.


We haven't bought PA gear in....7 years.

For some current missions we opted to go High New Tech.

Not everyone likes the array speaker idea. It's a risk. We'll do some unboxing and testing over the next couple of days and we'll probably do some blogging on it.

We've been happy to try new tech, and this may be interesting. Stay tuned or come to the show on Saturday AM and see how we go.

Thanks to TCG and others for all the back and forth on the possible systems.

IMG_7401 (site).jpeg