Tonight we're playing a show in Newcastle, and when I get up this morning and again read the news, I take a moment to wonder if it's right to even get out and play music. The synagogues in NZ are shut, in solidarity with people whose faith they don't share. It makes me wonder about what we do, what's the way to show respect.
The best I can come up with, is that every time we play music, it's defiance of the darkness. Grabbing a moment back from it.
I also think about the people I spend my time with, my band mates, my beloved friends and community.
Maybe the answer is, be with people right now.
Be with community again, friends, family, strangers, neighbours, people you don't know but what the heck I like you anyway.
No amount of light can prevent the dark, but it must be there in equal measure to show that it is not the only thing, there there is still good in the world, that it's illuminated every day in an uncountable number of unseen kindnesses.
This earth, us earthlings, we are not irredeemable, but we have to work at it.
There are more of us, me, you, than of those who seek hate and some form of oblivion.
It's not the normal run of things.
Be with people now, even if it's online.
We'll keep each other company until better times.