EDIT  7 Jan 2017 - sales on this one are now closed :-) That's the whole point with this project.

If you missed it, get the next one. Life and my T-Shirt making is random and ephemeral!


It's our 10th year. It's about time we celebrated.  

For each show in 2017, custom art, custom t shirt. Thank Mr Wizards Japanese influences.

I'll only print these on demand, they'll only be available on a short time link, before the gig. That's gonna make'em pricey.

Each gig new art. New shirt.

Collect'em all or none at all or somewhere in between.

This is an art piece. Prices will vary, I don't actually expect anyone to buy them, but I am committed to the concept for my own amusement.

This is Show 542. The colours are Steel, Gold and White. The subject is Time.   

542-steel (Custom).png

542-yellow (Custom).png

542-white (Custom).png

PAYPAL LINK REMOVED! When I say limited edition I mean it :-)