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If ‘Defiance’ was the sound of the US when we left in 2016, ahead of the unexpected election of The great and Powerful Oz, then The 5D Project was the musical reaction of the guys upon their return to Australia.

We’d been exposed to a maelstrom over 4 years of US touring, it took its toll. Returning to the safer harbours of Old Sydney Town, the guys began writing deeply introspective pieces.

The last three albums had been our exploration of the sounds we’d been pursuing across the Mid West, chasing the ghosts of the blues, the shadows of the once powerful sounds that had colonised our playing.

Our ten years underground had shown us that we absorb and re-radiated what we were exposed to.

In the 5D Project, we consciously focused on the sounds of where we are, and made them part of each song.

We realised that video is the new audio, and that it was possible now to see and hear the original underlying take of songs, in the same way as early audio allowed the previously impossible capture of a sonic moment, 5D would capture the song as it was made.

Part historical record, part musical affectation and part multimedia.

Each of the songs was drawn up around the category of one of the D’s from the project.

As a single piece, 5D represents a meditation, taking the participant on a journey, contemplating and understanding where we are right now, as expressed musically and visually.

In parts dramatic, sad, melancholy and yet optimistic, 5D is a meditation towards calm.

Each of the moments captured in this project are calm, beautiful and tranquil, to participate in them is to enter that moment and be there.