Scammers are trolling the gig guides, loading up the names of all the bands who are listed and generating links to fake streams.

Top Keks to Rosie for sleuthing out a blatant PHISHING attempts on youtube using our gig as bait.

I found a link to a free live stream of our Saturday gig and I was 'oh.' On the one hand, hmm, ok, someone's gone to some trouble, that's kind of nice.

Of course I'd prefer they streamed a set where I didn't have a flippin' panic attack mid set. 

Getting video'd comes with the territory. Getting all huffy about it doesn't suit our disposition.

If we have a beef we can request a DCMA take down, yet if it's done by a friend of the band or someone who is into it and wants to share it non commercially, it's hard to get mad or make a fuss. 

Thus I might have made a 'grrr...oh well' noise until Rosie did some digging and found it was a straight up scam.

Today I spotted a link to a 'Full Live Stream' for our Sunday show at the Marrickville Bowlo.

Except that show got rescheduled.

Someone out there is using FAKE live band streams to try and rip off or scam people.


notcool (2).jpg

Getting video'd at a show comes with the territory. We can understand and deal with it. If you post it, it's kind of an affirmation that you dig it enough to do it.

If we wanna complain about copyright infringement, well, we'll have that chat when it bugs us enough to do so.

Using a fake link to a fake thing from a show that didn't happen to get you to click onto unknown stuff?


It's not our first trip to The Pirate Universe.

I know our stuff has been circulating on the swappable web for years, I once followed a link to a file to a happy Russian website that was suspect as hell.

I came here, posted a note saying 'watch out for Russian Pirate Sites' - No matter what you're up to, you cheeki breeki, 99c to CDBaby for a song is safer than a D/L with a .exe from Unknown Sites. If you're gonna Pirate, be careful.

So today I say:

Watch out for non authorised streaming of our gigs - it may be scam.

If we intend on live streaming, we'll post here a note here, or on FB/Twitter or whatever we wind up using.

BE CAREFUL if you follow a non verified link. The online scammers are pretty good at making convincing fake stuff.