Several of my recent experiments have reported results that could be, depending on your viewpoint, considered 'Fail', or from another viewpoint, 'thus far unsuccessful'.


In a way, any experiment that does not destroy the universe as we know it, is probably 'successful' in some sense. 'Fail' is data, no?


Three of my current attempts have hit dead ends, I'm puzzling over the next method.

potd-smart-monkey_3081493k (Custom).jpg

SC10/11 Mixing/tracking is going well, slowly but surely. Finding the right stuff to add is challenging.

As Mr Wizard will shortly learn, going on holidays while we're tracking may lead to unexpected Banjo.



If we're lucky we'll get another tracking session in this week. 

Technical Discussions

Cellar Dwellers Pete D and Montman have been getting my tech stuff going in discussion. It has led to reading and so much googling that now, all the ads in my media are about recording equipment.

Big Brother is on sale. Gear is amazing. the new stuff is amazing. I can see a strong possibility of us playing with well chosen technical items and seeing what we get.

Sydney Identity project.

Ah yeah new project starting. I'll post some details about it. It's the visual element for SC11.