Howdy Folks. writing to you from downtown Indy at the Novaks where tour conditions have improved! We now have inflatable mattresses! Let the legend continue!

We have to move to nashville shortly so I gotta be brief. Reminder, we're live blogging to facebook at

Holy crap we're busy:


Tonight wed 7th, Bellecourt Taps, nashville tenessessessse HOLY CRAP WHY CANT I SPELL these amurrican names!! - 9pm, 1 hour set

Thursday 8 sept - Als Bar, Lexington Kentucky (yay, easier), 9pm-10pm

Saturday 10 Valhalla Bar, Muncie IN, double header with Governor Davis of Indiana, we start late, 10:40pm- 12:30 AM

Sun 11 - TBA, might be doing an acoustic

Tues 13 - Cal's Garage, Fulton MO (invitational)

Thursday 15, All Star Bar, KC

More to come.


Ok so now some BIG thankyous.

After freezing of our funds by QANTAS (part 2 , 2016, new and improved version) we have been amazed by the kindness and support we have been shown.

We need to thank:


Becky and Dee

Steve and Annnette

Mr and Mrs Anonymous

Mr Anonymous 2.

Happy Muse and friends

MP senior

The Novaks


Aussie Neil

Enterprise Car Rental for our Big Ass Red Truck

and all the folks who have put their hands out to help. We should all be so lucky to have such help in time of need.


More stuff to come when I get a chance, we've been working, recording and driving. As Brother Bill says, it's hectic.