So yeah. We're not going to Chicago for the last leg of the tour, we're heading for Arkansas.

We have no idea what may or may not have happened to any particular person in Chicago. Any suggestion to the contrary will be disputed in a court of law.

Obviously, this is all pure speculation. Nudge nudge, wink wink, say no more, I know a guy, bada bing, bada bloop, genzundheit.

One day, one day far from now, I may in fact be able to write down exactly the sorts of things that would sense of all this, but basically, we're quite a lot more decent than I am ready to admit.

I'd like to thank the Lee St Sports Bar and put on record that Scurvy Seadogs must step lightly aboard the stormcellar.

Freakin' Arr.

This is a day off, only the second since we've been here, and thought turn to the trip home soon.

But before then,we head for the Meteor Gallery in Arkansas on Friday 23 Sept.

Some brief Tour Headlines:

Thanks to Aaaron and Crooked Mile


Also BRad

Nice sound

Holy Cow it's flown By

It's been busy

Will we finish the album? 

Only a few days left, can we do it?

Mates In the States

That's how we get by. Cheers Mac. Cheers L, L, X.

Yeah. Done. Tired. www.facebookcom/stormcellarband  all our social media blogging picture stuff etc.

Love these guys, you should have seen them the other night, they were glorious :-)

Today they're sitting around cooking, sharing music with Luis, arguing over bands, taking  breather.

We have the remarkably good fortune to be doing something we love with people that we love, surrounded by love. That's it, that's enough, that's all.

More randomness in random time.