Howdy folks our first Australian show Will be this coming Sunday, 2 October at the town hall hotel in Newtown From 6-10 unless I'm wrong and it starts later :)

 We will probably be jetlagged so expect an increased level of randomness from me :)

On our fourth US tour we have been through Nine states, done 4500 miles of travelling in the US thanks to Clifford, our big red truck, and made our ninth album.

there are a lot of people to thank, we're a 6 piece band so it's a moveable feast and we can't do it without the help we get from so many folks.

Indiana has been very good to us and we look forward to getting back to the Hoosier state just as soon as we can :)

Typing from my phone at the airport kind of sucks so I'll keep it brief.

our great thanks to all our mates in the states.

For you lot back home, come to the townie and hear tall tales of foreign adventures in the us heartland.